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    20+ years experience for metal stress relief

    2000+ users all over the world


    Details of HB-welding stress relief HBHFV4050

    (WSR-Welding stress releif)






    Output power:


    Output frequency:


    Output amplitude:


    Maximum continuous working time:


    Cooling method:

    Air cooling

    Processing speed:



    AC 220V 50HZ

    Control system size:


    Impact gun size:

    Length 330 mm, handle diameter 75 mm



    JINAN ZHAOYANG MACHINE CO., LIMITED (Former JINAN HUABAO MACHINERY CO., LIMITED)was registered in 1983,it's a famous brand in RESIDUAL STRESS field, integrating R&D and sale. Our company covers an area of 50000.With our abundant experience and industrious and hardworking staff members, we can meet various requirements from different types of customers. Our production capacity amounts to 2000 sets per year.

    We are mainly engaged in vibratory stress relieving(VSR),welding stress relievingWSR) and residual stress detecting(RSD) and our products sell well in the worldwide. We conduct strict quality inspections over each product. We will try our best to serve you and hope to become one of your friends and business partners.

    JINAN ZHAOYANG MACHINE CO., LIMITED (Former JINAN HUABAO MACHINERY CO., LIMITED) has been qualified with ISO9000 and CE, the products always been used in the field of aviation, space, ship, military, railway, machine tool, ore machine and so on and the products were exported to all over the world.


    Products Description

    HB-welding stress relief is a non-thermal stress relief method that employs tightly controlled, high force, mechanical vibration energy to redistribute internal stresses in castings, forgings, and welded structures, parts, and components. HB-welding stress relieving significantly reduces dimensional instability during machining, improves fatigue life, and minimizes distortion during assembly, test loading, transport, and field usage of a wide array of metal components.


    Product Advantages

    1.HB-welding stress relief is the best method to eliminate the welding residual stress completely and create the ideal compression stress (other methods to eliminate the residual stress: thermal stress relieving is 40-80% ,vibratory stress relieving is 50-90% of VSR, Welding stress relieving is 80-100%).

    2.Improve the fatigue strength of welded joints for 50-120%,extend the fatigue life for 5-100 times,increase the corrosion-resistance for 400% in corrosive enviroments.

    3. HB-welding stress relief can complete replace the Thermal stress relieving and vibratory stress relieving,the treatment process is simple and the result is stable and reliable(it can be used everywhere,everytime,every process,very easy to operate)

    4. HB-welding stress relief can be used without considering the material,shape,struture, thickness,weight,place,especially easy to use at the construction site,the welding process and welding repair to eliminate the welding stress.

    5.HB-welding stress relief can make the remain height,pits,undercut into Arc,and reduce the stress concentration factor.

    6.HB-welding stress relief can eliminate the micro-cracks and slag defects of weld-toe,inhibiting the advanced initiation of crack.

    7.As HB-welding stress relief treatment also improve the several factors of weld fatigue,for example,residual stress,micro-crack,weld toe geometry and surface hardening,so the HB-welding stress relief is the best way to improve the fatigue of weld toe,it’s the multiplier way.

    8. HB-welding stress relief especially suitable for the large-scale structure parts,for example,the welding site,too high or too low site at the welding and repairing the welded seam.

    9. HB-welding stress relief is environmental protection,energy saving,safety,non-polluting,and very easy to use at the constuction site.

    Suitable for

    Carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, titanium and its alloys) and other materials of castings, forgings, weldments, mold, machining parts....

    Easy operation

    The welding stress relief equipment is easy to operate, and workers can hold the impact gun and move along the weld seam;

    The humanized design of the impact gun greatly reduces the work intensity and reduces work fatigue;

    It is not limited by the material, shape, structure, thickness of the steel plate, weight, and site of the workpiece, and it is more flexible and convenient to eliminate welding stress in the construction site, welding process and welding repair.



    ●The guarantee for 12 months,if there are errors within 12 months,we will send the spare parts to you for free;

    ●Or you send the VSR equipment back to our factory,we will repair it and send back to you;

    ●All the fee for us,you are free.

    After-sale services

    1.Hotline service:+86 15866605088(24*7);

    2.Telephone service: +8618251836977(from Monday to Friday,from AM 9:00 to PM 5:00);

    3.Skypebrady0086):video conversation,we will tell you how to find the errors and show you how to repair it.

    User manual

    The user manual will be sent to you together with the equipment.

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