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    20+ years experience for metal stress relief

    2000+ users all over the world


    Details of Full-automatic VSR HB3000+K1

    (VSR-vibratory stress releif)

    Only press start button,the equipment will set the proper time,speed and frequency by itself,easy to operate.




    Max centrifugal(KN)




    Max treat weight(T)


    Rated power(KW)


    Rated voltage(V)


    Steady speed precision(r/min




    Time range(min)


    Color screen

    Dynamic display a-n,a-t data of surve and specification on-line


    a-n,a-t surves,specification data and specification contrast

    Dynamic tracking function

    According to the variation of parameters of workpiece adjust the aging parameters automatically in the aging process

    Data saving

    USB interface



    Products Description

    HB-vibratory stress relief is a non-thermal stress relief method that employs tightly controlled, high force, mechanical vibration energy to redistribute internal stresses in castings, forgings, and welded structures, parts, and components. Vibratory stress relieving significantly reduces dimensional instability during machining, improves fatigue life, and minimizes distortion during assembly, test loading, transport, and field usage of a wide array of metal components.

    1.All accessories are good qualified ensure products quality and stability;

    2.HB3000+ series VSR equipment suitable for varieties of workpiece;

    3.Digital signal transmission technology, to ensure the stability of the signal transmission, controlling precision by 1/10000;

    4.Suitcase designing, industrial spray dedicated chassis, strong ability of anti-beat, suitable for harsh environments;

    5.Full-automatic controlling operation, easy and reliable operation, LCD display the curves and data,determine the process parameters automatically and give the program amendments;

    6.Dynamic tracking, to ensure vibration aging treatment in sub-resonance point, to avoid the workpiece from damage and aging effects;

    7.Interactive features, the error operation prompt, to assit operator operate smoothly;

    8.After aging, in line with national standards,printing the report online;

    9.Multiple protection to ensure the safety of the scene.



    Configuration and Selection

    1.HB-vibratory stress relief needn’t the environment strickly, suitable for all harsh environments and workplaces, need relative humidity less than 80%, ambient temperature -20  -40 , warm up for 10 minutes less than 20  .

    2.HB-vibratory stress relief has the same LCD monitors with different vibrator which according to the different workpieces pieces weight.

    3.HB-vibratory stress relief will print the aging effect,if there is a “OK” on the last column, means good effect.

    HB-vibratory stress relief is suitable for varieties of workpieces aging treatment, suitable for harsh working environment of the workshop.

    Suitable for

    Carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, titanium and its alloys) and other materials of castings, forgings, weldments, mold, machining parts....

    Applicable industries

    HB-vibratory stress relief equipment and systems are used for metal stabalizing in a variety of industries including manufacturers of automotive and aerospace tooling, paper mill machinery, mining, hydro-turbine and power generation equipment, pumps, gear boxes, machine tool building and repair, manufacturing of large precision components and parts,Aviation,Shipping,Military,Railway,Metallurgy,Roller,ect.

    Applicable materials

    HB-vibratory stress relief is suitable for structural steel, low-alloy structural steel, stainless steel, cast latte, non-ferrous casting (copper, aluminum, zinc and alloy), forging, weldment.


    The guarantee for 12 months,if the parts damaged within 12 months,we will send the spare parts to you,the parts are free,you just pay the shipping cost;Or you send the VSR equipment to our factory,we will repair it and send it back to you,you just pay the shipping cost.

    After-sale services

    1.Hotline service:+86 15866605088(24*7);

    2.Telephone service: +8618251836977(from Monday to Friday,from AM 9:00 to PM 5:00);

    3.Skypebrady0086):video conversation,we will tell you how to find the errors and show you how to repair it.

    VSR working video






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