welding stress relief equipment the process conditions are harsh

The energy produced by the workpiece in machining is stored in the workpiece as elastic energy to form stress, or in the process of welding stress relief equipment, the heat energy is also stored in the workpiece in the form of thermal stress. The existence of these stresses seriously threatens the mechanical properties of the workpiece, and even causes the cracking and failure of the workpiece. Therefore, an important demand in the current mechanical industry is to fully eliminate the residual stress of the workpiece without reducing the mechanical properties of the workpiece. In this context, the quantitative evaluation of residual stress elimination is of great significance for the whole mechanical industry.

Welding stress relief equipment process conditions are harsh, such as temperature, time, temperature rate and many other factors, which will affect the removal effect of residual stress after treatment. If the operation is not good, it can not meet the technical requirements, resulting in deformation and cracking of the workpiece.  

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