Vibratory stress relief equipment test of typical test piece

Vibratory stress relief equipment test of typical test piece

1. Vibratory stress relief equipment test of LD10 CNC machined parts.

A part of a certain type of machine is processed by CNC, and the wool is LD10 free forging, in CS state. This part is often scrapped due to the fracture of the reinforcing ribs during the CNC machining process. After analysis, it is believed that the cause of the fracture is the internal stress in the forging and the CNC machining output.

The generated stress exceeds the tensile strength after being superimposed at the rib. The research group conducted a vibratory stress relief equipment process test on a piece of wool of the part before CNC machining. In the subsequent CNC machining process, no fracture occurred.

2. Leading edge skin vibratory stress relief equipment test.

A batch of subcontracted leading edge skins undergoes serious distortion after the final cutting process, and faces the result of scrapping. Once scrapped, it will face heavy economic losses. According to analysis, the internal stress of this batch of leading edge skins was very high during the production process, which caused serious distortion due to stress release after the final cutting process.

The research group conducted experiments using vibratory stress relief equipment technology. After the first vibratory stress relief equipment process test, the straightness of the generatrix of the front edge of the skin is 8mm, the resilience is large, and the effect is not ideal. After 5 times of improvement, the straightness of the generatrix of the front edge of the skin reached 2mm, and the resilience was significantly reduced, but the distortion still exists. Based on the results of the first vibratory stress relief equipment process test, the research team decided to adjust the manufacturing process of the leading edge skin. The vibratory stress relief equipment process test was carried out after chemical milling before cutting, because the parts had not yet been twisted and deformed. After the second vibratory stress relief equipment process test, the leading edge skin was delivered successfully.

The vibratory stress relief equipment process can eliminate and homogenize the internal stress, and its effect is no less than that of artificial aging. It is an effective technical means to solve the problem of aluminum alloy machining deformation. After vibratory stress relief equipment and artificial aging treatment, the strength of LD10 aluminum alloy is slightly improved, the plasticity is slightly reduced, the impact toughness is slightly improved, the electrical conductivity is basically unchanged, and the dimensional accuracy stability is improved.



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