Influence of Vibratory stress relief equipment on Residual Stress

The residual stress inside the part is the main reason for the unstable dimensional accuracy. It is not only the value of the residual stress that affects the stability, but the uniformity of the stress distribution also has a significant impact. Vibratory stress relief equipment equipment has a good effect on reducing and homogenizing residual stress, and the residual stress is eliminated by about 30-70%.

The effect of vibratory stress relief equipment on welding performance and welding deformation

Vibration treatment has improved the weld material, especially the increase in fracture toughness and fatigue limit, indicating that vibration treatment technology can be used for welding components. The vibration-while-welding method has a non-negligible effect on controlling welding deformation, stabilizing the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, and eliminating the stress of the workpiece. The deformation can be eliminated after welding.

Produced by plastic deformation VSR

VSR plastic deformation of the workpiece at alternating stress, relaxation of the residual stress in the workpiece. Therefore, the vibratory stress relief equipment process is a process of the generation and gradual stabilization of the plastic deformation of the parts, as well as a process of the reduction and stabilization of the residual stress.

Vibratory stress relief equipment resistance to deformation ability The deformation of

Parts not only depends on the size and distribution of residual stress, vibratory stress relief equipment is also related to relaxation rigidity and resistance to deformation. Vibratory stress relief equipment can not only reduce and homogenize the residual stress, but also improve the deformation resistance of the material, that is, improve the elastic properties of the material.

The effect of vibratory stress relief equipment on dimensional accuracy

Effectively stabilizes the dimensional accuracy of parts during vibration. Its effect is not only in the small amount of dimensional accuracy change during long-term use, but also in a relatively short period of time to stabilize the size of the parts.

The effect of vibratory stress relief equipment on hardness Vibratory stress relief equipment slightly reduces the hardness of the workpiece.

The effect of vibratory stress relief equipment on fatigue life

Vibratory stress relief equipment treatment is mainly to eliminate the influence of residual stress on fatigue life. Vibratory stress relief equipment treatment can significantly improve the fatigue life of workpieces.

During the excitation process

if the internal structure of the crystal grain changes, if the concentrated stress and superposition formed by the applied stress and the dislocation cluster are greater than the critical shear stress of the metal, the dislocation cluster will be opened, and the inside of the metal will undergo microscopic plastic deformation, and the residual The stress can be released.


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