Factors affecting the effect of welding stress relief equipment

The process of welding stress relief equipment to eliminate residual stress is to heat the workpiece to the elastic-plastic transition temperature and keep it for a certain period of time, so that the residual stress of the workpiece is relaxed, and then the temperature is very slowly reduced, so that the workpiece is in a low stress state after cooling. This process is carried out in the furnace of welding stress relief equipment. The welding stress relief equipment process is an aging process with high cost, high emission and high pollution, and it requires a high grasp of the process in the operation process. Many factors, such as holding time or lifting speed, produce a variety of uneven distribution of residual stress in the workpiece, which leads to the increase of cracking tendency in the subsequent processing process, and even leads to the decrease of product quality and the increase of manufacturing and after-sales service costs.

There are several factors influencing the effect of welding stress relief equipment

1. Temperature.

2. Holding time.

3. Heating time.

4. Cooling time.

5. Temperature difference of furnace.

6. Placement and support of workpiece in furnace.  

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