Compared with the traditional thermal aging, the vibratory stress relief equipment technology has outstanding advantages

Vibratory stress relief equipment is a special equipment for vibration stress relief, which can make the processed workpiece resonate, and transfer certain vibration energy to all parts of the workpiece by this way, so as to cause micro plastic deformation inside the workpiece, that is, the distorted lattice gradually returns to the equilibrium state. The dislocations slide and pin again, so that the residual stress inside the workpiece can be eliminated and homogenized, and finally the deformation and cracking of the workpiece in the process of processing and use can be prevented, so as to ensure the stability of the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

In recent years, with the advantages of less investment, good effect, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, vibratory stress relief equipment has gradually replaced thermal aging compared with traditional heat aging technology, this technology has the following outstanding advantages

1.Compared with thermal aging, it does not need a huge aging furnace, which can save floor space and expensive equipment investment. Thermal aging, if there are few workpieces, it is not worth blowing in, and if the workpieces are too large, it can not be loaded into the furnace. Moreover, the temperature in the furnace is difficult to be uniform, and the effect of stress relief is poor. Using vibratory stress relief equipment can avoid these problems.

2. The aging effect of vibratory stress relief equipment is good. A large number of researches and practical applications have proved that the aging effect of vibratory stress relief equipment on workpieces is better than that of thermal aging furnace burning coal, heavy oil or gas, and is basically similar to that of electric furnace, Because vibratory stress relief equipment not only overcomes the problem of uneven stress relief caused by uneven temperature of thermal aging furnace, but also avoids the influence of reducing the anti deformation ability of workpiece due to heating, the dimensional stability of workpiece treated by vibratory stress relief equipment can be improved by more than 30% compared with that of workpiece treated by general thermal aging.  

3. Vibratory stress relief equipment is flexible. The application of vibratory stress relief equipment technology is not limited by the site, workpiece size, shape, weight and other conditions. As the equipment of vibratory stress relief equipment is only tens of kilograms, large workpiece can be aged locally. At the same time, according to the process requirements, aging treatment can be arranged between different processing procedures.  

4. Vibratory stress relief equipment completely solves the environmental pollution problem of thermal aging furnace. With the improvement of people's environmental requirements, the problems of flue gas, dust and slag of thermal aging furnace have been limited, and vibratory stress relief equipment can be completely avoided. This is also the reason why vibratory stress relief equipment technology has been promoted by the State Environmental Protection Bureau for several years.  

5. The energy saving of vibratory stress relief equipment is significant. The energy saving of vibratory stress relief equipment is more than 95% compared with thermal aging.  

6. Vibratory stress relief equipment has high efficiency. Natural aging takes 6 months to one year, thermal aging takes 10 to dozens of hours, and vibratory stress relief equipment only takes 10 minutes to one hour. 7. Vibratory stress relief equipment is especially suitable for stress relief treatment of materials and parts that are not suitable for high temperature aging. Such as stainless steel parts, non-ferrous metal parts, mechanical parts after welding repair, etc;

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